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Vegetable, Flower and Herb Seeds

All of our seed is certified organic or biodynamic seed.

You can download our 2018 certification here.

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All of our seed is produced from open polinating plants.

Welcome to our Seed Shop

We sell vegetable, herb and flower seed, produced on a small scale by Biodynamic and Organic growers either here in the UK or bought from other seed companies in Europe who also have a local network of growers producing the seeds.

We are licenced by Defra’s Animal and Plant Health Agency to undertake seed marketing operations; which includes selling, packing, sealing and labeling, preparing mixes, and cleaning and processing seed.  Our licence number is 7539.

working with SHS 

After twenty-one years of supplying biodynamic seeds, Stormy Halls Seeds at Botton have entered into a collaboration with the Seed Co-operative. This agreement will allow Stormy Hall Seeds to focus on producing biodynamic seed and increase the amount of hand sorting and processing work it can carry out. This will enable Stormy Hall Seeds to provide more valuable activity for the people supported in Botton Village. In return the Seed Co-operative will take over machine processing of seed, and sales and distribution. This means that in future you will be able to buy Stormy Hall Seed from the Seed Co-operative rather than directly from Stormy Hall.  This is a positive development for both organisations and the adults with learning disabilities supported by Camphill Village Trust.


A new web shop is on the way which will make bulk packs available in addition to the small packets shown here.  We expect it will be possible to place all orders with us, whatever size, through our web shop by mid January.



Our 2018 catalogue is available now.

Our catalogues provide more detail than we have here at the moment, including:

  • more details and information
  • bulk packs for growers and farmers
  • details of the source of each variety

To find out more about the Seed Co-operative, please click here: Seed Co-operative.

To order a FREE 2018 seed catalogue click HERE

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Pricing policy

You will see below that we have changed the prices of our seed packets from last year.  We have undertaken a thorough review and instigated a new way to establish what we should charge, based on our costs.  We are seeking to ensure that we provide the best quality organic and biodynamic seed available, but at affordable costs to our customers.  At the same time we are trying to increase the proportion of UK produced seed that we sell; approximately 20% at the moment.  To do this we need to ensure we are also paying our growers the best price that we can and ensure that all production, processing and distribution costs are more than covered.  This is clearly a balancing act that we have to get right for the Seed Co-operative to prosper and develop.

As a result of the review some prices have gone up and others have fallen.  We hope that our customers will be able to support us through buying their seed through us, whether they are moved to buy shares and become co-owners, or not, but we hope you do both!

Varieties that are new to us in 2018 are listed below: